Common Language

(Common Language in Marketing) is a collaboration of marketing industry associations (currently MASB*, the American Marketing Association, and xxxx) working together to establish standard definitions for marketing activities and metrics. This common collection of terms will eliminate ambiguity in marketing terminology and encourage trust and collaboration within and across the marketing industry & business communities.

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*MASB initiated the Common Language project in January 2009, and has been progressively refining it while simultaneously attempting to broaden its reach. MASB members who are interested in its ongoing history of can review various documents related to its progress.

Standards For Feedback

The Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP) is a formal process for connecting marketing activities to financial performance.

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An example of how to evaluate marketing metrics according to MMAP, the learning from using an “ideal” metric over time, and how to improve return by applying to better marketing practice.

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The characteristics, practices and processes underlying the development and management of an “ideal metric.”

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