MASB Projects

Work of the MASB is conducted on a Project basis and organized into three overall categories: Standards, Research and Concepts.

Prioritization is based on the following considerations:

• Pervasiveness of the Issue
• Alternative Solutions
• Technical Feasibility
• Practical Consequences
• Convergence Possibilities
• Cooperative Opportunities
• Resources

MASB Projects generally involve the following Project Stages:

I. Frame-Up (Emerging Issue Abstract)
II. Research
III. Review and Complete
IV. Education
V. Systematic Review Over Time

Initial projects on the MASB Agenda were recommended by MASB Charter Members, influenced in part by feedback from C Level interviews. They have been prioritized according to MASB resources.

Projects are added according to recommendations by, and consultation with, the MASB Advisory Council (MAC).

For an Overview of all MASB Projects (April 2015), click here.

Standards For Feedback

The Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP) is a formal process for connecting marketing activities to financial performance.

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An example of how to evaluate marketing metrics according to MMAP, the learning from using an “ideal” metric over time, and how to improve return by applying to better marketing practice.

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The characteristics, practices and processes underlying the development and management of an “ideal metric.”

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